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Baguio-Benguet Elections 2022: How Things May Unfold

With barely four months to go before the filing of certificates of candidacy, speculations regarding the race have begun to surface in social media and local gossip circles. The ensuing pandemic and how it was handled, says many, will surely influence the outcome of this highly anticipated undertaking. How much of an impact it makes is a matter that is yet to be seen. But for purposes of healthy discourse, let us consider these hypothetical events that may characterize the upcoming political exercise. Campaign and Election Structure Considering the current health crisis and the emergence of the “New Normal”, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) has signified its readiness to implement campaign rules changes to include, among others, limiting or disallowing the conduct of crowd-drawing rallies and caucuses we have all been accustomed to throughout the years. To the social media and technological savvy candidate, this will be a key advantage. Political analysts have repeatedly claim