10 Must Have Skills for Breezing Through the Pandemic

A decade ago, I have written a couple of articles predicting the rise of online trade and the slow death of most brick and mortar businesses. The convenience and cost-efficiency of the online platforms were slowly gaining traction in the world stage and it was just a matter of time before cyberspace was expected to take over the traditional business model. But then, the Covid 19 pandemic happened. A “new normal” was born and online dominance came earlier than expected. The devastation was unprecedented and utterly horrifying for many businesses, big and small. Employment rate went down the drain along with retirement plans and years of savings. While hope dims with every lockdown and stay-at-home orders, some people embraced the gloom and opted to find light amid the ashes. It didn’t matter if it meant lifestyle, career, or business line change. The goal is to survive and somehow regain what was lost. Life required a simple algorithm and that is to adapt to a new normal as the world we